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...thrown vertically upward from the roof of 64 foot building with a velocity of 48ft/sec, its height after t seconds s(t)=64+48t-16t^2. What is the maximun height the ball From equation of law of motion with initial conditions : s = so + ut - ½at². Ball starts at zero initial velocity , u =0. When ball falls to ground...ground the ball to intentionally throw the ball to the ground or out of bounds to avoid being tackled for a loss of yardage behind the line of scrimmage punt a kickoff in which the ball is dropped in the air and booted before it hits the ground, executed when possession must be relinquished on fourth down.A ball is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 20ms^-1 from the top of a multistorey building. The height of the point from where the ball is thrown is 25.0m from the ground. (a) How high will the ball rise? (b) how long will it be before the ball hits the ground? Give me in detail, step by step please..