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ActionBar { background-color: #3C5AFD; color: white; } The result is: In iOS, the color property affects the color of the title and the action items. In Android, the color property affects only the title text. Feb 17, 2009 · Color Sampels . Prior to checking out, you must select a TYPE of shipping from the UPS or FEDEX pull down menu to the right of the word UPS or FEDEX. Click on it to pick GROUND, HOME DELIVERY, OR AIR SHIPPING. Returns a float array containing the color components (no alpha) of the Color, in the default sRGB color space. If componentarray is null, an array of length 3 is created for the return value. Otherwise, componentarray must have length 3 or greater, and it will be filled in with the components and returned. Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act Review Process ...