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定义Bedrock Miner mod的事实是它可以让玩家挖掘基岩,并且为了给玩家提供这种能力,mod实现了一个独特的镐和破碎机。通过结合这种镐和机器,您将能够像任何其他资源一样挖掘基岩。 Cet addon conçu pour Minecraft Bedrock Edition ajoute un nouveau mob qui est le bébé Ender Dragon. Ezral 4 mai 2017. 2 [Mod PE] The New World [1.0 – 1.1] Jun 30, 2015 · Bedrockium is a material with hardness of bedrock and lightness of a feather. It can be obtained by mining Bedrockium ore, which is fairly rare and which spawns between layers of 6 and 16. It can only be mined with a Bedrock Pickaxe. When you mine Bedrockium ore, it drops one Bedrockium shard.