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and Counseling Treatment Plan Kathleen R. Arveson. 110 Buddhists are 5.7%, Hindus are 13.7%, and a variety of other religions make up 9%. Atheists make up 3.8 % Title: Treatment Plan Author: Ron Short Created Date: 6/9/2012 9:39:29 AM Sep 21, 2016 · Treatment plans and summaries were originally piloted in our office as part of a voluntary effort with ASCO. The usual reluctance to take on any additional paperwork was voiced by everyone involved. However, it quickly became obvious that the use of a formal treatment plan template had broad benefits. Child Trauma Treatment Training Program Page 4 Objectives: 1) <CHILD> will create a fear hierarchy and plan for approaching trauma cues. 2) <CHILD> will participate in in-vivo mastery of specific trauma reminders. 3) <CAREGIVER> will work to support their child throughout the in-vivo mastery process.