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Jan 15, 2017 · I'm struggling to update some cell values from a UserForm. To set the stage, I have a userform with a combobox and several textboxes. Depending on what the user selects in the combobox, that populates several textboxes. I want the user to be able to update the textbox, press a command button and... Thanks to advancements in emulation with box86, open source games with doom 3, or just the ingenuity of some frameworks the situation for running full PC games (even Steam games on a raspberry pi 4 windows 10 like environment) is looking bright for raspberry pi os. Yeah, that's the Windows way … kill that what you don't understand. 🙄 That said, there are third-party tools to access Linux partitions in Windows, but I'd rather recommend to access any roms on that partition via network like it's described in the Docs should the need arise.