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Pre Order Traversal of a Binary Tree This problem uses the Tree Class defined here. This problem is a challenge problem and might touch on some concepts taught mainly in CS61B. However, as a CS61A student who has learned all about tree recursion, you should be able to complete a problem like this. cs61a 2018spr hw05 的一个题目. sinat_39205101: 感谢百度贴吧的一朋友(未得同意,所以不指出ID)解答,问题解决,是我对这个树的定义的理解的误。 CS61A Lecture 3 Higher Order Functions - . jon kotker and tom magrino uc berkeley eecs june 20, 2012. computer science in. Presentation Transcript. CS61A Lecture 5Applications ofHigher Order Functions Jon Kotker and Tom MagrinoUC Berkeley EECS June 25, 2012.return subtree.label raise StopIteration Lastmodified: ThuMar 2001:52:132014 CS61A:Lecture #23 7 Iterating Over a Binary Search Tree In Order • The iterator we just defined iterates in preorder : first the root’s