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Most of the time, if you even think about doing git reset --hard, a more suitable option is to run. $ git stash push -u. or even. $ git stash push --all. so that the end result is really close to reset --hard, but you’ll automatically have a backup copy of all the files that git touches. SVN时,出现Failed to run the WC DB work queue的解决办法. 问题: [[email protected] argos2]$ git status fatal: loose object 16ed48d5412d36d2deb86e9f1957314b986dd2a7 (stored in 关于app-crawler重新打包(Failed to repack the crawler app)报错. qq_17328759的博客.fatal: failed to run repack There are other errors, I will post here when I get them again. This has happened occasionally before, but now it is nearly constant. The only way to get git to work is to close allopen instances of VS Code and run the git commands from a separate terminal. > my auto gc kicked in, and shows this: > > fatal: corrupt packed object for 2c1e128aa51e3a64bd61556c0cd488628b423ccf > error: failed to run repack > > Fortunately, I have the uncorrupted object somewhere else. So I copy the > single object as a loose one, and all is fine.