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OYEITIMES 2G GSM SIM Card Blank SIM Card 2G Programmable GSM SIM Card ICCID IMSI PIN PUK ADM KI COMP128 Algorith Without OP/OPC Pls kindly Note:-The card be prodvided to professional engineers, if you don't know about sim cards, pls do not buy it!-Clone sim cards do not mean "read then write", it can not read protect data directly, like "KI". Then sim card will have IMSI from an Indian mobile operator along with UK IMSI and other IMSIs. When a subscriber moves to India, the Indian IMSI will get active and the sim will be local to India. Results in low-cost calls and other services. The problem with SIM for MVNO is the number of IMSIs a sim can have. How to Check Jio Sim Number : If you want to use this method you should’ve myjio app and your mobile must be connected to the internet. Otherwise, you can’t access your myjio database to check jio number. Here are the few simple steps to check jio sim number. Steps to Check Jio Sim Number: Install and open the latest version of MyJio app