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In this tutorial, we're going to cover legends, titles, and labels within Matplotlib. A lot of times, graphs can be self-explanatory, but having a title to the graph, labels on the axis, and a legend that explains what each line is can be necessary. To start: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x = [1,2,3] y = [5,7,4] x2 = [1,2,3] y2 = [10,14,12] Multiple Traces. To display a 2D array (Array<_, Ix2>) you can use the Scatter::to_traces method. The first argument of the method represents the common axis for the traces (x axis) whilst the second argument contains a collection of traces. The configuration options for the horizontal bar chart are the same as for the bar chart. However, any options specified on the x axis in a bar chart, are applied to the y axis in a horizontal bar chart. The default horizontal bar configuration is specified in Chart.defaults.horizontalBar.