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Hornsby Slot Cars 126A James Lane Waitara NSW 2077 Sydney Australia. Phone: +61 (2) 9489-5816 Fax: +61 (2) 9489-7262. Email: ... Testing of cars, parts and electronics is done in-house. A track is set-up in the office with a mix of track (pictured right and below). I saw Scalextric, Ninco and Carrera track. A mix of Digital and Analogue, and surprisingly with the electronics, most of the track was compatible. Challenge is a UK slot racing championship sponsored by and Pendle Slot Racing. It has been held since 2006 between April and November. This car has never been run, brand new in a correctly labeled Slot It Factory Display Box. Both the car and case are in new perfect never run condition. This car was painted with an airbrush and custom decals applied by a professional. This finish is perfect, much better than the Slot It factory can produce.