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Second, Effective prayer includes all types of prayer. Paul says we are to pray "with ALL prayer" in verse 18. The Greek word used can mean "all" or "all types," and I believe it means the latter here. There are many ways to pray, many types of prayer. Our prayer should not be the same or even of the same form each day. PRAYER POINTS: I claim all the good things which God has revealed to me through dreams. I reject all bad and satanic dreams in the name of Jesus. (You are going to be specific here. Place your hand on your chest and talk to God specifically about the dreams which need to be cancelled. Cancel it with all your strength. Apr 24, 2012 · This prayer point are to be don 12am to 3am midnight for 15days! Confession: Col.2:14, Gal.3:13-14, 2Cor.6:14-18, Gal.6:17, 2Cor.5:1...